Chapeau Digital

Chapeau Digital is een Internetmarketing gelegen aan De Ruyterstraat 6 in Nijkerk.

Meer informatie over Chapeau Digital in Nijkerk

E-commerce is constantly evolving, so it is important to innovate in a responsible way. The text explains how the company helps with E-commerce projects through different phases. In the discovery phase, they study the needs of stakeholders and users based on data and customer panels. Then, they prepare flows, create detailed wireframes, and test them with the target audience using a prototype in the UI/UX phase. The wireframe is reviewed by SEO, SEA, and CRO experts to ensure it meets expectations in the expert phase. They can lead and execute the design phase to ensure the wireframe is followed. Once a testing environment is available, they test it and report their findings. The company also offers services such as user research, E-commerce evaluation, wireframing, prototyping, E-commerce design based on data, and testing. They collaborate with various clients and are open to new challenges. Contact information is provided for those interested in their services.

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